Crime Prevention & Victim Assistance



Senior Advocacy Crime Prevention & Intervention Program

The Area Agency's Senior Advocacy Crime Prevention and Intervention Program began in 1999.  

We address the special needs of our senior crime victims over the age of 60 through the collaboration of local law enforcement.  Many of the cases never reach the judicial system and these crime victims would not have received the assistance they need and would have fallen through the cracks. 

picture of an elderly man comforting another elderly man
The experience of being a victim of crime can be a very traumatic experience.


We provide:

  • Personal contact
  • Information for loss compensation
  • Emotional support and guidance
  • Criminal justice support and information
  • Victim court accompaniment
  • ID theft recovery and assistance
  • Retrieval of credit report information

We handle all types of crime, including theft, property loss or damage, elder abuse and neglect, financial exploitation and assault. 


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