Ideas for Seniors, Family and Friends



Many times, the best protection against abuse, neglect and exploitation is a conversation, lots of conversations. 

Abusers and exploiters try to isolate their victims to prevent others from challenging their actions. Regular, caring communication, both in person and over the phone can counteract this.  

Encouraging loved ones to interact with others also helps to avoid isolation. 

      picture of an elderly and a younger woman

 Neighbors, friends, other family, and social groups all help to form a caring circle of protection around  vulnerable people, and give the vulnerable adult somewhere to turn when life becomes difficult. 


Being elderly does not mean a senior is incapable of making good decisions.  But many people, including seniors, make better decisions when they have caring people to talk to about their choices.


 Advice that friends and family should provide is no different than what they would give themselves in  preventing scams/fraud, such as:

  • Getting a second opinion              
  • Never provide personal information unless you initiate the phone call             
  • Never make out a check to "cash"              
  • Shred / tear up personal information              
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is              
  • If you didn't request the service or product, don't enter into an agreement
  • Make sure the contractor is certified, insured and qualified 


If the person becomes a victim, loved ones need to be supportive and understanding and not make a judgment that the senior is incapable of continuing to make good decisions; even younger adults are becoming victims. 


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