Identity Theft - What should I do now?



       Navigating through the response & recovery process of identity theft can be lengthy and confusing.  Reporting the incident to your local law enforcement agency right away and obtaining a copy of the police report will allow you to provide necessary information to the agencies you will be contacting. You will be contacting creditors, credit reporting companies, the Internal Revenue Service, financial intuitions, and various other agencies. 


       The Identity Theft First Aid Kit will guide you through your response and recovery process.  The kit includes pre-drafted letters which will assist you in filing an Identity Theft Affidavit with the Federal Trade Commission, obtaining a copy of your credit report, requesting records related to the identity theft, disputing & removing fraudulent charges, and recovering monies from banking transactions which you did not make nor authorize. 


       Before starting the process of clearing your name using the Identity Theft First Aid Kit, gather banking information along with any relevant bills/statements. It is vital that you track your communications with the various agencies.  Record dates and the name of each person you have spoken with for telephone calls in the handy tracking sheet. Send mail by certified mail and request return receipt.





Relevant Laws

Sample Letters - also included in the Identity Theft First Aid Kit 

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