New Medicare Cards – Scams to Watch Out For

May 1, 2018


What Do I Need To Know About

My New Medicare Card?


The new card uses a unique combination of 11 letters and numbers instead of your Social Security number (SSN). The new Medicare card is still red, white and blue, but no longer includes a Social Security number, gender, signature or other personal information besides your name.

Your Medicare benefits will not change. The new card is free and you do not need to do anything in order to get the new card. It will be mailed to you automatically.

If you are already on Medicare, you will get your replacement card in the mail. As a Florida resident, you may receive your new card anytime between July 2018 and December 2019. If a spouse or friend gets their card before you, do not worry – the cards are being shipped out randomly.


If you are new to Medicare, you will get the new card when you enroll in Medicare.


New Card







Old Card


  Questions? Call the Elder Rights

  Center at (561) 684-5885.



How Do I Protect My Personal Information?

  1. Make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) has your correct address. To update your address, contact SSA at or call 1-800-772-1213.
  1. Sign up for an email alert on Medicare’s new card page:  Medicare will email you when your new card is in the mail. If you do not use email, use a trusted friend or family member’s email address and ask them to alert you.
  1. Never give out your Medicare card number or your Social Security number to someone who calls or emails you. Share this information ONLY with trusted health care providers or when you call Medicare.



What Scams Should I Watch Out For?

  • Scammers may say you have to “pay for your replacement card,” or pay a “processing fee.” This is a lie. THE NEW CARDS ARE FREE!
  • Scammers may pretend they are calling from Medicare and ask you to “verify” your Social Security number or other personal information for your new card. Medicare will NEVER call you about the new card.
    • In fact, the new cards are mailed out by the Social Security Administration, NOT Medicare.
  • Scammers may say you have to “turn in your old card.” This is a lie. You should keep your old Medicare card until you receive the new one in the mail. Then, cut up your old card and dispose of the pieces in a safe place.
  • Scammers may say you are “owed a refund” in premiums or drug costs with the new card. They may ask you for your bank account information to “process the reimbursement.” This is a lie. Medicare will NEVER ask for your bank account number. There are no refunds related to the new Medicare cards. If you are really entitled to a refund, Medicare will simply send you a check in the mail.
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