Have you transferred money to scammers using MoneyGram?

November 29, 2018

Have you transferred money to scammers using MoneyGram?

You may be eligible for compensation.


The Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice recently investigated MoneyGram for failing to prevent fraudulent transfers of money. In November 2018, Moneygram agreed to pay $125 million to settle the case. Some of this money will be paid by the Department of Justice to victims of fraud and scams who used MoneyGram to transfer funds.


Many of the scams using MoneyGram targeted older adults or people with disabilities. The victims were told to wire money as part of lottery scams, IRS scams, grandparent scams, and other scams. Click here for more information about common scams.

As part of the settlement, MoneyGram will strengthen its fraud prevention efforts by:

  • Requiring both senders and receivers of money to show government-issued identification
  • Blocking scammers from using MoneyGram within two days of receiving a complaint about them
  • Disciplining or terminating money transfer agents (companies or individuals) who have processed many fraudulent transactions


Fraud victims may be able to get some of their money back through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Victim Compensation Program.  If you transferred money to scammers using MoneyGram, visit MoneyGramRemission.com or call (844) 269-2630 to get updates and information on how to apply for victim compensation.

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