Elder Rights Center’s Volunteers win Elder Advocate Award!

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May 23, 2019

Elder Rights Center’s volunteers win Elder Advocate Award!


We are excited to announce that our Elder Rights Center’s fantastic team of volunteers recently received the Shalloway and Shalloway Elder Advocate Award at the 2019 Prime Time Awards.


Please join us in honoring and thanking these individuals for their outstanding service:

  • Mary Fracassi
  • Amy Freeman
  • Robert Hatcher
  • Lori Kianka
  • Darcy Knowles
  • Bernice Lee
  • Susan Mantz
  • Linda Miller
  • Rosa Maria Montenegro
  • Bob Schlanger
  • Lewis Silverman


This dedicated team of volunteers ranges in age from the 50s to the very vibrant 90s. Their diverse life experiences, knowledge, and genuine care for the welfare of others enable them to connect with older crime victims. The Elder Rights Senior Advocates provide information, resources, and emotional support to help put each person on the path to recovery and financial stability after a crime. In 2018, this talented group dedicated a total of 2,085 volunteer hours to serving older crime victims, which averages out to nearly 200 hours per volunteer!


In 2018, Elder Rights Senior Advocates reached out to 4,744 older victims of crime in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. Elder Rights Senior Advocates review police reports and call older adults who have had something stolen or damaged as the result of a crime. The volunteer teaches the crime victim about their right to victim compensation and their right to have their insurance deductible waived when making a claim related to the crime. In addition to sharing this critical information, a volunteer’s friendly voice and willingness to listen can be priceless gifts to a crime victim who is feeling overwhelmed and alone.


In cases where an older adult has experienced fraud, scams, exploitation, or identity theft, the Elder Rights Senior Advocate provides other detailed advice about crime recovery, such as how to alert banks about fraud, how to check credit reports, and how to file complaints with the appropriate regulatory agency. To help prevent future fraud, the volunteer may educate the crime victim about topics such as setting up automatic bank alerts, reviewing accounts frequently and carefully, or online safety while browsing the web. This year, Elder Rights Senior Advocates also began leading community presentations for groups of older adults on topics related to fraud, scams, and financial exploitation. This compassionate sharing of information allows older fraud victims to recover from crime and move forward into a safer and more stable financial future.


As a group, the Elder Rights Senior Advocates are intelligent, caring volunteers who know how to ask the right questions and share the right information in order to help older crime victims recover and flourish. They share a common purpose of making the world a better place for older adults in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.


Shalloway and Shalloway Elder Advocate Award recipients
From left to right: Rosa Maria Montenegro, Mark Shalloway (award presenter), Robert Hatcher, Amy Freeman, Robert Schlanger, Lewis Silverman, Darcy Knowles. Not pictured: Mary Fracassi, Lori Kianka, Bernice Lee, Susan Mantz, Linda Miller.


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