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“The closest thing to being cared for, is to care for someone else.” ~Carson McCullers 


Today, it is about time we celebrate “caregivers”.... those amazing people without whose support, our loved ones, senior citizens, veterans, people with disabilities.... and essentially anyone that needs “care”, would not be able to continue their respective lives as viable community members—living their lives as they see fit! 


Here at Your Aging and Disability Resource Center, we have broadened our focus to not only nurture and support our senior citizens and people with disabilities, but to include support for their caregivers in the process. The strain on the caregiver, whether, emotional, physical or even financial, can be daunting…and to be honest, is not for the faint of heart no matter how much you want to help. We can innovate care 
giving solutions all day…but we had better consider those who are providing the care and, frankly, they are burning out. 


“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” ~Sigmund Freud 


Enter…Your Aging and Disability Resource Center who, along with our aging network partners, share a common vision of delivery of quality services and more importantly, support for our communities! That means care for the caregivers. 


We believe in a core value system—therefore focusing on four values that affect how we work as a team as well as how we relate to those we serve. These values are: Humility- the willingness to lift up others and put their needs first; Gratitude/Appreciation- thankful for and in recognition of others for their respective roles; Respect- for everyone! Responsibility/Accountability- acceptance of personal and shared responsibility and willingness to be held accountable. Accepting  these core values and practicing them in our daily lives is how we conduct ourselves in the work place as well as how we roll in the community. 


With an incredible team backed by core values, our Aging Network Partners, Statewide and National Partners, and a motivated community, there IS help out there! The world is changing, but aging remains constant.  So, we are innovating as I write this and we won’t stop until we find a way to help everyone we serve!


“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”  ~Margaret Mead         


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