Advisory Council



The purposes of the Advisory Council are: 

A.  To advise Your Aging & Disability Resource Center, the local Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, Inc. on all matters relating to the development of the Area Plan, the administration of the plan and the operations conducted under the plan.  The Area Plan guides the development and coordination of community-based systems of service for persons age 60 and older, adults with disabilities and their caregivers in Planning and Service Area (PSA) 9, consisting of the counties of Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach and St. Lucie, and:

B.  To advance the Center's mission to promote, support and advocate for the independence, dignity and wellbeing of seniors, adults with disabilities and those who care for them in a manner that values diversity, reflects the communities we serve and embraces the collaboration of the aging network.



Kelly Wilson


                                          Vice Chair                                   Secretary

                                           Bree Beynon                                  Janie Peters    




Council Members

              Carolyn Butler Norton, Esq.

Scott Greenberg

Jack Nicol

              Scott Cairns

Lena Kimball

Janet Porter

              Steve Delach

Ann May

Maite Reyes-Coles

              Emily Flowers-Yahn

Shawn McAllister

Julie Seaver

              Very Rev. Kathleen Gannon

Marshall McDoanld, Esq.

Carol Seigworth

                  Jennifer Graisted


Sheldon Siskin




Honorary Members

Jack Robarts                          Emily Robarts

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